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Certified Virtual Assistant
Anne Fifield

Master Virtual Assistant
Anne Fifield
November 29, 2002

Ethics Check Certification
Anne Fifield

Do you love your business, but dread the paperwork?

Do you need additional employees, but can’t afford the headcount?

Do you wish you had more time to grow your business?

If yes, you need a Virtual Assistant.
If yes, you need All That’s Clerical.

A business article described Virtual Assistants as being, “an office-manager-in-a-modem…” Simply put, Virtual Assistants are administrative professionals providing specialized business services from a distance by utilizing technology. Hence, your company incurs:

No Additional Headcount
No costly taxes or benefits to pay
No outlay for expensive equipment or employee training

All That’s Clerical specializes in administrative and secretarial support solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs.